WARNING!!!! Check your CO, smoke and heat detectors after this!

WARNING!!!! Check your CO, smoke and heat detectors after this!

We are seeing more more substandard smoke alarm installations and what is worse is the fact contractors have been passing these installations for the last few years!!!!

What we are seeing includes:

1. Heat and smoke detectors just screwed to the ceiling with no actual mains cabling going to them.

2. Detectors not interconnected

3. Detectors out of date

4. Detectors failing smoke tests (most contractors don’t actually carry out smoke tests)

5. Fake or counterfeit detectors used with no expiry dates or bs numbers

6. Detectors not fitted in correct position mainly in dead spaces where smoke does not gather in.

7. CO detectors with no dates

8. CO detectors with removable batteries

9. CO detectors in wrong positions and not fitted in areas where flue passes through

When you add all these issues to the fact there are still so many properties without even one smoke detector fitted it is becoming a real problem.

We are carrying out more and more fire audits in let properties now to combat this but i feel we should push it more in our own homes.

If you are in any doubt please get in touch and we can put you mind at rest.


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Home care cover from £6.95+vat per month

Home care cover from £6.95+vat per month.

Our home care packages have really taken off this month, we are seeing more and more enquiries from landlords seeking for our monthly compliance packages and including home care cover as an add on. Our gold package is an all inclusive service which includes unlimited call outs with parts & labour.

As for letting agents we now have a couple on our books which we look after their full portfolios this way. It dramatically makes certificate management more efficient, saves admin time for property managers and saves money for both agent and landlord. It spreads the costs over the 12 months making it much easier to control costs.

If you are a private home owner/landlord/letting agent and want to find out any more about our services please click here.


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Are you a new landlord in Scotland? Are you thinking about renting out your property but not sure about the regulations on health and safety or where to start?

Here is a handy guide on EICR and PAT testing for renting out your property from the Electrical Safety First website. It’s a legal requirement!!

Don’t forget we are offering an EICR & PAT for £75 + VAT until the 28th of February, don’t miss out 



Don’t be caught out when it comes to the safety of your property! Get your EICR carried out by a SELECT registered contractor you can trust at just £75 + VAT!!

Don’t be caught out when it comes to the safety of your property! Get your EICR carried out by a SELECT registered contractor you can trust at just £75 + VAT!!
Don’t take the electrical safety of your property lightly, an EICR is one of the most important health and safety checks to have in place whether you are a landlord, letting agent or private homeowner and want to have an up to date check of the electrics in your property.
For a landlord or letting agent this is something that needs to be in place in order to let your property and needs to be carried out every five years.
However, not every contractor out there is safe and trustworthy when it comes to carrying out these checks. Below are some pictures in a rented property that we came across when carrying out an EICR. Shockingly another contractor PASSED this in an EICR which we then FAILED.
For piece of mind in knowing that your property is in the best hands when it comes to health and safety, Quinenrgy will carry out an EICR on your property for the fantastic price of £75 + VAT. The certificate will then be emailed over to you in a smooth and easy process.
If you have any queries please get in touch on 01355 201206 admin@quinnergy.co.uk



Quinnergy are currently recruiting a compliance engineer to join our expanding company in Glasgow. The role involves carrying out certification for rented accommodation.

Hours are completely flexible. Must be willing to travel across Central Scotland and have a full driving licence. Training can be provided.

We are also looking for a fully qualified gas engineer to join the team to carry out certification, maintenance and servicing throughout properties in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. Must be willing to travel across Central Scotland and have a full driving licence.

We are looking for highly motivated engineers with a can do attitude that are capable of delivering a high level of service to our client base. Must have good communication skills, be well presented, work efficiently and provide service with a smile!

Please forward your CV to amie@quinnergy.co.uk to be considered or call us on 01355 201206 if you have any queries.


Well it’s that time of year already.. the festive period is upon us and it’s four weeks to christmas! The one thing on everyone’s minds is decorating the house, putting up the christmas tree and buying presents. I’m sure the last thing on your mind is how up to date your electrics are. However, during the winter is when it’s at its most crucial.

The cold and dark winter nights make it all the more appealing to stay at home. Right? More lights and appliances will be on in the house, there will be multiple christmas lights on the christmas tree, these will be plugged into an extension cable in the ONE socket, perhaps flashing lights on the roof of your property or in the windows, mini trees in the kids rooms, sound familiar?

It is important to get your appliances and electrics checked as soon as possible! Therefore we are offering our a FANTASTIC deal throughout the festive period that is not to be missed!! Get an EICR carried out at £75 + VAT to determine the safety of your fuse board and ALL your electrics. And as we are in the mood of giving out a Christmas freebie, you will receive a FREE PAT TEST which will include ALL of your appliances, including the Christmas lights.. 🙂

This is a brilliant deal which is too good to be missed, please get in touch on the details below if you have ANY questions big or small, there is nothing more important than the safety of your own home.


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 Good afternoon Glasgow and the West! 


Do you have a new tenant moving in?

Are your properties fully complaint? All rented properties and businesses must have an EICR carried out every five years or for rented properties at EVERY change of tenancy.

Landlords make sure all your annual checks are in place! Anything that isn’t up to date will invalidate your insurance.

Our team here at Quinnergy are fully qualified to keep your properties safe and up to standard. Call or email our fantastic team today to discuss all our services and we can put your mind at ease 


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Welcome to Quinnergy!

Hi everyone & welcome to Quinnergy!

We will be keeping you up to date with all the latest in compliance and regulations for landlords and letting agents alike, along with some useful tips and tricks on the way.

However as this is our first blog post we wanted to keep this one light and introduce you to what we are all about here at Quinnergy.

At Quinnergy we believe that along with working hard, as part of a team its very beneficial to have some down time together. This week a few of our technicians had the privilege to attend the British Grand Prix for a five day trip and rub shoulders with some of Hollywood’s finest 😉 Here’s some pictures below of all the action:


They also learned a few new tricks along the way, such as how to change a tyre like the Formula 1 pros:


While the team might not be as efficient as the Formula 1 professionals at changing a tyre, they can certainly provide the most efficient way to keep your property compliant all year round in Glasgow    Please get in touch using the details below, the team will be more than happy to help whether its morning, afternoon or evening and can answer all your questions!



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E: admin@quinnergy.co.uk