What is an Electrical Installation Condition Report aka an EICR? Read on!

Have you been told you need to have an EICR carried out on your property and you’re not sure what this involves? Please have a read at our handy slides below which will explain everything you need to know.


If you’re a landlord you will need to have an EICR carried out on your property every 3-5 years. Get in touch with Quinnergy for a free quote on 01355 201206 or email admin@quinnergy.co.uk to have an EICR carried out on your property today.


What is an Energy Performance Certificate?



What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

An EPC determines the energy efficiency rating of your property.

If you are a landlord or a home owner looking to sell then you need to get an EPC.

Learn what else an EPC entails and scroll through this slide!

Get in touch with us on 01355 201206 or email us at admin@quinnergy.co.uk to book in an EPC for your property!


What is a CP12 Gas Certificate and why do you need one if you are a landlord? ⁠

What is a CP12 Gas Certificate and why do you need one if you are a landlord? ⁠

A CP12 Gas Certificate ensures that all of the gas appliances and pipework on your property is safe for tenants. Safe from gas or carbon monoxide leaks. ⁠

One of our engineers will visit your property and perform this check to make everything is safe. ⁠

A CP12 Gas Safety Certificate lasts for 12 months. ⁠

Learn more and scroll through the slides below or visit our homepage for more information. ⁠

Get in touch with us on 01355 201206 or email us at admin@quinnergy.co.uk

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Quinnergy Boiler Care Packages start from £14 per month

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Our packages include from annual services such as gas safety and boiler service with 24/7 breakdown coverage to full peace of mind cover with materials and labour costs included with your monthly payment.

If you are interested in having a tailor made quote for your property(ies) or if you have any queries at all please get in touch on 01355 201206 or email admin@quinnergy.co.uk

Quinnergy: Landlord Compliance Specialists

Quinnergy provides Landlord Compliance services, including Heating, Electrical, and Plumbing certifications.

Easily make sure you meet the proper requirements and keep your property in safe condition with our Compliance Package!

Our Services are for → →

🔹 Home Owners

🔹 Landlords

🔹 Letting Agencies

Our ‘Compliance Package makes it easy for you as we:

→ Liaise directly with your tenants

→ Carry out all inspections on one day

→ We do any remedial work needed for the property to be kept up to standard

→ Provide all necessary certifications

→ Once completed, certifications are available electronically


If this may be of interest please email admin@quinnergy.co.uk or give us a call on 01355 201206

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What does getting an EICR carried our for a rented property ACTUALLY mean?

All rented properties must undertake an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) to minimise risk in the home and ensure ongoing safety. However, we are aware that can be confusion as to what this means, what it entails and how often it should take place. As an independent electrical inspection company who specialise in these certificates, we thought we would offer up our advice below.

Here we have put together some frequently asked questions about electrical inspection & testing for rental properties.

Q. What is an EICR?

An EICR is also known as a Fixed Wiring Testing, Periodic inspection or an electrical safety certificate. It gives you an accurate overview of the condition of your electrical installations at the time of review.

Your EICR identifies potential danger and outlines recommended remedial work, classified by urgency C1 = Danger present. Risk of injury. Immediate remedial action required. C2 = Potentially dangerous. Urgent remedial action required. C3 = Improvement recommended. FI = Further investigation required without delay.

For your EICR to be deemed ‘SATISFACTORY’ all C1, C2 and FI defects must be completed. C3 defects are recommendation only.


Q. Why do I need an EICR at my property?

An electrical inspection will indicate whether your electrical installations are safe and compliant at the time of testing. EICR’s are carried out in accordance with BS:7671 18th Edition. Here are 4 key reasons why your inspection is vital to the safety of your staff, and your business:

1. Electrical Installation Compliance

Electrical installations and wiring can deteriorate over time, or be poorly maintained between inspections. Often these changes go undetected until either an EICR is carried out or a problem arises. It is important to identify whether your electrical installations are satisfactory and safe for continued use.

2. Health & Safety

An EICR for rental properties helps to mitigate any risk of injury. It is designed to prevent related injuries such as electric shock or burns. Not only does it promote health and safety, it also minimises the risk of potential damage for your property too.

3. Landlord’s insurance

It is important that you hold the correct documents to ensure validity of landlord insurance. Without having a valid EICR in p;ace, your landlords insurance will be invalid. 

This ensures that if there is a suspected electrical fault that causes injury or property damage in the future, you can provide evidence that you had the correct electrical testing procedure carried out. This includes any remedial work you undertake.

4. It is money saving!

Carrying out an EICR is classed as preventative maintenance rather than reactive maintenance. It makes sense to identify and then rectify electrical issues BEFORE they cause disruption to your tenants and to your property. Reactive call outs and maintenance regimes always cost a premium to the client.


Q. How do I get an EICR carried out?

Many electricians and electrical companies offer these services. Possibly your current electrical provider will already offer this service. However, as an EICR is a safety inspection, we would advise that this is carried out by an independent electrical inspection company who specialise in these services.

Q. What is involved?

Your qualified & competent electrical test engineer will:

Discuss and agree the extent and limitation of the EICR before starting.

Carry out a visual inspection of the installation

Test and inspect any circuits available

Highlight any faulty electrical installations (Photographs are taken)

Check for outdated installations

Any C1 defects (immediate dangers) will be reported and fixed as a priority (following client approval)

Complete the detailed and thorough EICR report.

Once you approve any remedial work, you will be issued with an electrical safety certificate also known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).

Q. How often should my property have an EICR carried out?

In order to stay compliant with UK law and regulation, it is important that you renew your EICR for your rental property in accordance with the interval set out on your previous report (5 years, 10 years)

If you own your property an EICR should be done every 10 years.

If the property is rented an EICR should be done every 5 years or every change of tenancy.

Q. Why choose Quinnergy to carry out your EICR?

We understand that keeping on top of compliance can be hard and a bit of a minefield at times, however Quinnergy pride ourselves on the fact that we can take care of all your compliance needs for you and give you total peace of mind! 

Please get in touch with the team if you have any queries or if you would like to book in an EICR with us!

Email us on admin@quinnergy.co.uk or call 01355 201206.

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Please check your smoke detectors during lockdown – if in doubt Quinnergy can help

Remember to check you smoke detectors whilst we are all at home. It is paramount that your detectors are all in working order whilst we all have many more appliances on throughout the day as well as extra cooking.

The team at Quinnergy are still doing smoke detector inspections during this time and the team are well prepared with full PPE. If you would like to arrange an appointment to have yours checked or replaced please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Contact us on 01355 201206 or email us at admin@quinnergy.co.uk

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Empty, untenanted property inspections

Quinnergy are carrying out empty house inspections so that you are following all your landlord insurance requirements.

We are fully draining down all water facilities to ensure there are no unwanted water leaks.

Isolating gas supplies and electrical circuits but keeping power going to the smoke/heat alarms to help protect your property and neighbours.

We are taking videos of the properties to send to clients/landlords so they get to see how their properties look and also the videos can be used to show prospective new tenants.

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