What is an Energy Performance Certificate?



What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

An EPC determines the energy efficiency rating of your property.

If you are a landlord or a home owner looking to sell then you need to get an EPC.

Learn what else an EPC entails and scroll through this slide!

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What is a CP12 Gas Certificate and why do you need one if you are a landlord? ⁠

What is a CP12 Gas Certificate and why do you need one if you are a landlord? ⁠

A CP12 Gas Certificate ensures that all of the gas appliances and pipework on your property is safe for tenants. Safe from gas or carbon monoxide leaks. ⁠

One of our engineers will visit your property and perform this check to make everything is safe. ⁠

A CP12 Gas Safety Certificate lasts for 12 months. ⁠

Learn more and scroll through the slides below or visit our homepage for more information. ⁠

Get in touch with us on 01355 201206 or email us at admin@quinnergy.co.uk

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Business Owners, are you ready and prepared for re-opening your premises? Get prepared with a FREE Electrical and Fire Safety Check from Quinnergy

👉 Get prepared with a FREE Electrical and Fire Safety Check from Quinnergy. We are doing as much a swe can to give back during this very difficult time.

With the gradual end of lockdown in sight it’s time to start planning and preparing for the ‘new normal’.

Slow steps are being taken across the UK & Scotland for a phased return to work.

The safety of employees and customers is at the forefront of all our minds and for employers even more so.

Quinnergy is here to help!
As mentioned, we are offering businesses a FREE Electrical and Fire Safety Check, we aim to make your business safer and compliant.

👉 Use this final stretch of the lockdown to get prepared!

Get in touch by calling 01355 201206 or emailing admin@quinenrgy.co.uk and a member of the team will be happy to help

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Our services include landlord compliance, electrical, plumbing and homecare cover. We are your one stop shop for landlord and home owners. Please get in touch via the below if you have any queries or for a free quote!
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Empty, untenanted property inspections

Quinnergy are carrying out empty house inspections so that you are following all your landlord insurance requirements.

We are fully draining down all water facilities to ensure there are no unwanted water leaks.

Isolating gas supplies and electrical circuits but keeping power going to the smoke/heat alarms to help protect your property and neighbours.

We are taking videos of the properties to send to clients/landlords so they get to see how their properties look and also the videos can be used to show prospective new tenants.

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Our new office premises are something to look forward to!

Some pictures of our new office premises taken back in February when they were nearly finished. The final touches had to be halted in March due to the lockdown. It will be a breath of fresh air for the team to finally be able to walk through these doors once the lockdown has lifted 😌

We hope everyone is still staying safe and healthy ❤️ The team are still working for any boiler/electrical/compliance needs that you may have, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Keep in mind our services during this time are still free of charge for the elderly and for anyone letting out their property to an NHS worker.

Compliance free of charge to properties being used for NHS staff

Due to the current situation Quinnergy are offering our services free of charge to any landlord who is giving their vacant properties to NHS staff to live in and not charging them any rental.

If this applies to you and you are looking for a company to carry out all the necessary checks/maintenance to get a property up to standard to move a NHS frontline worker in please let us know – we would be happy to help in any way that we can!

If you have any queries re this please email or call 01355 201206

From the whole team at Quinnergy – stay safe!

What a year its been for Quinnergy !!

1000 EICRs,

2500 Gas Safety Certificates,

4000 PAT Testing reports,

3000 Legionella Risk Assessments,

1000 Smoke Detector Certificates,

300 Emergency Lighting Certificates and

300 EPC reports

As we are coming to our year end we have roughly calculated the amount of landlord compliance certificates we have carried out. This is just an indication on why we are the number 1 company for landlord compliance.

Our systems, processes and our self built software system allow us to carry out all this work much more effectively and efficiently than any other contractor even with our relatively small team.

While all these certificates are being carried out our separate small works team carry out all remedial and reactive works seamlessly using the same Wuinnergy processes. These works include boiler replacements, full house rewiresfusebox replacement, smoke alarm installs and any general electrical/plumbing/gas works.

Contact us at Quinnergy Ltd on admin@quinnergy.co.uk or 01355 201206 for all your electrical and gas needs

Quinnergy – Still your one stop shop for Landlords in 2020

Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour 🍎

Let Quinnergy Ltd take the stress of making sure your rental property is compliant by letting us manage and carry out all the certificates required ⭐️

Get in touch via the enquiry page, email admin@quinnergy.co.uk or call 01355 201206 and let us take all your stresses away 💆‍♀️

EICR & PAT FOR £95 + VAT – Get your electrics checked before the Christmas period ⛄️🎅🏼

Well it’s that time of year already, now that Hallowe’en is over it’s officially 8 weeks until Christmas. We all know that this time of year is especially busy for everyone, the last thing on your mind is how up to date your electrics are. However, during the winter is when it’s at its most crucial.
The cold and dark winter nights make it all the more appealing to stay at home. But more lights and appliances will be on in the house, once the decorating starts there will be multiple christmas lights on the christmas tree, these will be plugged into an extension cable in the ONE socket, perhaps flashing lights on the roof of your property or in the windows, mini trees in the kids rooms, sound familiar?
It is important to get your appliances and electrics checked as soon as possible! Therefore we are offering our a deal throughout November that is not to be missed!! Get an EICR carried out at £95 + VAT to determine the safety of your fuse board and ALL your electrics. And as we are in the mood of giving out a Christmas freebie, you will receive a FREE PAT TEST which will include ALL of your appliances, including the Christmas lights.. 🙂
This is a brilliant deal which is too good to be missed, please get in touch on the details below if you have ANY questions big or small, there is nothing more important than the safety of your own home.
01355 201206