We don’t need to reach for our thermostats to know that Summer is almost here.

This is WHY most people neglect to do necessary summer gas boiler maintenance checks.

Maintaining and safeguarding your gas boiler now will often save you time and money further down the road.

With rising energy bills, gas prices, and general inflation, we need to save money wherever we can!

Here are some questions we’re often asked about boiler care:

Should I turn my boiler off during the summer? 

If you want to keep your boiler in great condition, it’s recommended that you avoid switching the whole thing off for the summer.

This is because, even though it might be really warm outside, there’s a good chance you’re putting your boiler at risk by keeping it turned off during the Summer months. Boiler breakdowns are more likely if they are inactive for long periods.

Leaving your boiler off during the Summer may seem like a good way to save money on your energy bills, but the price you pay for gas boiler maintenance when problems arise could be much higher if you need to fork out for new boiler parts, or a new gas boiler.

We recommend against turning off your thermostat, and instead, to keep it a minimal level.

Should I service my boiler every year? Why in Summer?

Quinnergy recommends that you service your boiler annually. Fortunately, Quinnergy offers gas boiler maintenance in our property care packages for homeowners and landlords.

A boiler service involves vital safety checks for gas and carbon monoxide leaks.

Summer is a great time to get your annual service done.

Here are two reasons why:

1. Discovering that major boiler work needs to be done when Winter is here and you NEED warmth in your home just isn’t a good idea.
Get your boiler checked BEFORE you need it to heat your property! This way, if a Quinnergy gas boiler maintenance check does find a significant fault that needs repairing, it’s more convenient for you.

2. Booking a boiler service in the summertime means you’ll be more likely to have the job done quickly, because of reduced demand.
Waiting until winter, when breakdowns and callouts are much more common, you could find it tougher to arrange a boiler service when you need it most.

Quinnergy’s Boiler Care Packages cover your boiler all year round. When your boiler breaks down, we’ll send one of our Gas Safe registered gas engineers to assess the problem and try to fix it.

Our Boiler Cover Plan includes an annual boiler servicing, which ensures that your property’s boiler is running at max efficiency.

Whether you need an annual service, or a complete overhaul, our boiler care packages are designed to keep the heart of your heating system running efficiently.

Annual Gas Boiler Maintenance Services

We’ll check your boiler every year, to make sure it’s safe, and working in an efficient manner.
An inefficient boiler can cost more money over time than a quick check by our expert Gas Engineers!

gas boiler maintenance quinnergy

Don’t be that person scrambling to find a company when your boiler breaks in the winter;
Sign up to our Quinnergy Boiler Care Packages to unlock gas boiler maintenance, and unlimited callouts to your property!

Get Peace of Mind for 10 Pound A Month

For just 10 pounds a month you get the ultimate peace of mind. All our care packages include Gas Boiler Maintenance, a CP12 Gas Safety Certificate, smoke alarm, and carbon monoxide testing & certificate, as well as plumbing and electrical safety checks for your property!

Quinnergy services Scotland and Northern England, and was founded in 2017 by local legend Craig Gallagher. With over 40 thousand satisfied customers, and a 5-star rating on Trust Pilot, Google, and Facebook, you can be sure that Quinnergy will help make your home a safer place.

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