We specialise in landlord compliance, and we doubly specialize in Glasgow EICR services! Since our HQ is based about 20 minutes south of Glasgow, this is where the majority of our work is done (But our EICR Services extend to the whole of Scotland and Northern England)!

With that being said, here are 3 ways an EICR by our electricians keeps your property safe (and compliant):

Glasgow EICR Services

Our EICR service:

1 – Keeps your Property safe from Fire Hazards

This is the #1 reason because the damage caused by a property fire can be tragic, even fatal. A proper EICR needs to be carried out to ensure that your property is safe from fire hazard risk from your electrical installations.

2 – Ensures your property’s electrical installation is safely installed

You do not want improper electrical installations left untreated in your property. You, or your tenants, could be at risk of electrical shock, which is very dangerous, and can even be fatal. Our EICR service for homeowners and landlords ensures your property’s electrical installation properly installed and safe.

3 – Ensures your property’s electrical systems aren’t overloaded

If a circuit is overloaded, its breaker should trip, cutting off power to the property. If breakers don’t work properly, a circuit overload could cause the wiring to overheat and start a fire! This is another potentially fatal problem which our electricians prevent when they perform an inspection of your property’s electrical installation and complete an EICR certificate, which you can access instantly via our online portal.

More Information on Glasgow EICR Services with Quinnergy

If you’re on this page, you probably need information about EICRs, or you’re looking for someone qualified to do EICRs for your properties. If you’re looking for an electrician to perform an EICR at your property, feel free to scroll to the bottom of this article where we’ve left a link to our EICR information & booking page.

What is an EICR?

An EICR–Electrical Installation Condition Report–identifies any damage, deterioration, defects, and/or conditions that may give rise to danger, along with observation notes detailing any recommended improvements.
An EICR walkthrough and inspection must be carried out by an experienced qualified electrician, or approved contractor (Quinnergy is approved).

An EICR is a formal document which is produced after an electrician has performed a detailed inspection of a property’s electrical installation.

All landlords in Scotland and England are legally required to ensure their rental properties have safe electrical installations.
Engineers perform diagnostics and testing on your systems to ensure:

  • Circuits are not overloaded
  • No risk of electric shock or fire hazards
  • No defective electrical work
  • No problems with earthing or bonding

An EICR inspection should be completed every 3 to 5 years to comply with UK regulations. Regular EICR inspections will quickly highlight any degradation of the system, or additional wear and tear on any apparatus.

While inspecting your property’s electrical installation, our electricians will complete a condition report, which details any dangers or defects in the installation. Your full report–EICR Certificate– will then be uploaded to our online portal so you can access it anywhere, anytime.
Remedial works to bring the installation up to standard can be carried out by our own electrical engineers, or if you’d prefer, could be arranged with another provider of your preference.


See the most fundamental steps of Quinnergy’s EICR service for landlords, letting agencies, and housing associations.

Glasgow EICR


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