It’s been a while since we shared what’s been happening with the Quinnergy team. This is our May Update 2021 and here’s a quick overview of what we’ve been up to.

  • We now have 30 people on staff!
  • We are now offering electric cover free of charge when you purchase boilercare services
  • We will be offering EV Charging installations soon!


The Quinnergy team has started making guest appearances on local podcasts in the UK. Here are a few of our most recent appearances in case you’d like to hear a little bit more from our amazing team.

Being a Young Female Apprentice Electrician in 2021

First up we have our star apprentice Caitlin making an appearance on the Apprentice 121 podcast with Mark Allison. Caitlin discusses the challenges and the opportunities that young contractors can expect to face during the apprenticeship stage of their journey. Mark Alison is the host of the Apprentice 121 Podcast and is also a Senior Electrical Engineer and owns Power Sonic LTD

How to Succeed in the Electrical Industry in 2021

Next, up is our fearless leader Craig Gallagher also making an appearance on a podcast with Mark Allison. Craig discusses the modern-day electrical industry from the perspective of an employee, and an apprentice, with Mark Allison. Lots of hilarious moments and good laughs in this podcast, check it out below!

How I Started Quinnergy – A Founders Story with Craig Gallagher 

Quinnergy’s CEO, Craig Gallagher discusses fortune and misfortune as he shares his story with John at Live at the Hive. Find out how Craig started Quinnergy and hear his inspiring story and where he thinks Quinnergy is headed from 2021 and beyond!

Recent Instagram Posts

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We are Landlord Compliance Specialists.
We do Heating, Electrical, & Plumbing Coverage for Home Owners, Landlords & Letting Agencies.
We are located in Strathaven UK

💰 Landlord Services
+ EICR – Electrical Installation Condition Report
+ EPC – Energy Performance Certificate
+ GSC – Gas Safety Certificate
+ LRA – Legionella Risk Assessment
+ PAT – Portable Appliance Testing
+ FFE – Fire Fighting Equipment
+ Smoke Alarm Checks

🏠 Homeowner Services
+ Complete Homecare Package
+ All Heating Package
+ All Electricity Package
+ All Plumbing
+ Annual Servicing
+ Priority Breakdown Cover
+ EICR – Electrical Installation Condition Report
+ PAT – Portable Appliance Testing
+ GSC – Gas Safety Certificate
+ FFE – Fire Fighting Equipment

💎 Premium Service: 24hr Emergency line Unlimited callouts No price hikes!

We also offer a complete 24hr home-care package, starting at 35p per day, meaning you have access to all of our services, all the time! If you want to ensure your home/property remains in its best possible condition, give us a call, or head over to our website for a quote.

🌐 Website:
✉️ Email:
📞 Phone: 01355 201206 


EICR Walkthrough where we walk through a Quinnergy EICR and explain how landlords, letting agents and housing associations can stay compliant and how we carry out inspection.
Full Property Inspection – this video from fall 2020 shows our fearless leader Craig doing a walkthrough and explaining the process as only he can.

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