From a loan of £1,000 to turning over 1.2 million pound in FIVE YEARS!​

​Today is a big milestone for Quinnergy.
​We are five years old today. 🥂

​We would never have made it without the support of friends, family, employees and all our customers.

​Firstly, my mum graciously donated £1,000 to start the business.
​She took it out a loan from the credit union and borrowed the money.

​I found and bought a used work van for 750 pounds, and, to be honest, the remaining £250 was necessarily spent on food that week.

​All the while, in these early stages of building my new company, Quinnergy, I was going through a difficult separation and moving out of the family home.

​It was a very challenging time to start a business looking back.

​It was through doing the landlord compliance work for Quinnergy and working with letting agents that I met Sarah, and it’s Sarah that’s pushed my life along and helped pushed Quinnergy along to the strong position it’s in today.

​Thanks, babe!

Admin was one of the biggest hurdles I had to navigate in the beginning because my Asperger’s and dyslexia impeded my ability to read and reply properly to text communications, such as texts or emails, in a timely and professional manner.
​To help with this, I hired a lovely, competent young woman, Amie, to help with the admin side of the business. This turned out to be the best business decision yet, as it increased the efficiency of the business to such a degree that we were soon able to hire another qualified electrician.
​In year two we brought on Ross, qualified electrician, making Quinnergy a team of three, and increasing the volume of EICRs we were carrying out.

​Another good move; Ross is a first-class worker and friend.

We decided to stay true to our specific business.
​Our focus is landlord compliance.
We have custom software built for our business.
​Our processes are immaculate.

​This was a great foundation to build from.

Personally, though, I really struggled during year two to three with my own mental health.
​It was just very hard with work and life at the time and we were having cash-flow issues.

​I was close to giving up.

​I turned to Sarah, my brother-in-law, and my sister, and they helped pull me through this dark time.

After this downward slump, the company and my personal life really took off in a positive way.

​Around the same time, we invested in marketing and commissioned Luke and Wizard of ODD Marketing who’s helped us build an amazing brand that people love.

​We then had to navigate the COVID 19 lockdown…
Surprisingly, our business ended up exploding with growth!

​We have doubled nearly every year.

​First-year was 80 grand,
​Next year was 260.
​Then 500..


​We are at 1.2 million turnover every year and growing still.

​If it wasn’t for my mom giving me the  1000 pound….
​If it wasn’t for bringing on Amy…
​If it wasn’t for hiring Ross…
​If it wasn’t for Sarah pulling me through..
​If it wasn’t for all the people working for us and the clients supporting us we wouldn’t be here today.

​Thanks for all of your support to our business.
​We appreciate each and every one of you!

quinnergy founder craig gallagher