Today we are going to talk a little bit about a Gas Safety inspection in your home.

WAIT is that a few eye-rolls I see out there already?
Well let me tell you this, a gas safety check could save your life. Let’s start with the basics and why even as a homeowner you need to get on top of this!

Now if you aren’t a landlord then it isn’t mandatory to have a valid gas safety certificate. All landlords in the UK are required by law to have a valid gas safety certificate in order to ensure the safety of a home to tenants.

Just because it isn’t mandatory doesn’t mean it isn’t a GREAT idea to make sure your gas appliances are operating safely in your home.
Why not just for peace of mind?
Not only is it a good idea for peace of mind but also you could save yourself money if you find out some appliances aren’t working as they should be!
We would recommend getting a gas safety inspection once a year by a qualified engineer.

BUT just to clarify there is no official homeowner gas safety certificate.

What goes into a typical Gas Safety Inspection?

  • What appliances/pipework have been tested and where they’re located
  • The results of the safety checks carried out on the appliances/pipework
  • Any safety issues identified
  • Any remedial work or action required

What do Engineers check when they assess the safety of your appliances?


  1. Ventilation passages are not blocked and are in fully working order
  2. The safety devices are operating efficiently
  3. The appliance is burning at the correct operating pressure
  4. Harmful gases are transferring cleanly outside of the home

Why is a Gas Safety Inspection Important?

A gas safety check for homeowners is important because carbon monoxide can kill and unsafe gas appliances can kill. Boiler safety is a big deal and you do not want an unsafe appliance in your home.

Quinnergy Gas Safety Checks

Make sure your gas appliances and pipeworks are checked before problems arise and contact Quinnergy.
Learn more about our gas safety services for homeowners HERE

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If you are a landlord then this video is relevant for you!


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