When we picture a person working in the trades, we most likely picture a man in that position. Women in trades is something that is increasing however and according to Direct Line there are 33,000 women in trades as of 2019. This was compared to 15,000 in 2009 which is an increase of 120% in 10 years. The industry is still dominated by men but more and more women are taking up the tools and entering a new field.

So what are three big challenges facing women in trades? 

A – Stereotypes suggesting women aren’t strong enough
B – Overcoming Public Perception
C – Pay Gap

Women in trades are underpaid by an average of around 7000 pounds!! The biggest difference is in the skilled building and construction trade. While male workers here can expect to take home a median salary of £29,011 a year, women in the sector can only expect to earn £21,840, a whole £7,171 less.

Now you might be thinking it’s all the older generations fault… HOWEVER a study showed that 44% of primary school children believed that working as a tradesperson was a male job. Even portrayals of women in trades roles on television and in media are rare, which as we know media influences culture.

In order for public perception to change it’s going to take some time and take more bosses like Craig Gallagher to make room for talented female workers in their companies.

women in trades report

women in trades

Listen to Caitlin discussing “Women in Trades” on our YouTube Channel!

If you’d like to hear more about Caitlin’s story and challenges as a women in trades give this podcast with Amy the Sparky a listen as they talk about their experiences of unfair prejudice and discrimination against women in the electrician industry.

Amy hosts a weekly show on YouTube that you can check out HERE


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